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On certain times, it is possible to get inside the enclosure of the Ashram and meditate around the Samadhi where Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are buried.

The Beach Road

The Beach Road on Goubert Avenue is 1.5 km long, and it is nice to have a walk there in the morning or at night to breathe the air of the sea.

See our article about it.

The botanical garden

The botanical garden was ravaged in January, 2012 by the cyclone Thane. Inaugurated in July, 2015, the tasks are not finished yet; but the park is still an Eden in the heart of Pondicherry.

Our article about this revival.

The Beaches

Even though the seaside was a very nice beach some years ago, it has totally disappeared and now, it is forbidden to swim there. The beaches, located in the North and in the South of Pondicherry are mainly for fishermen and they are not so clean. If you want to have a swim you can go to Auroville Beach (Repos beach) and some other little beaches but beware of the sea that can be very powerful.

Organised tours


INTACH, a non-governmental organization specialised in preserving historical heritage, offers circuit around the city on the theme of architecture.

Pondy Cycle Tour

Pondy Cycle Tour, in collaboration with SITA cultural centre, offers guided tours of Pondicherry by bicycle. It is a wonderful way to discover the city.

All practical information about Pondy Cycle Tour.

The Temples

The most famous temple is Ganesh temple where the elephant Lakshmi blesses with its trump those who offer food or money. It is very nearby the Ashram. There are many other Hindu temples and Catholic churches, and even mosques in the very quiet Muslim area.

Shopping in Pondy

In addition to incense, soaps, and other candle shops, you can find a large choice of shops in Pondicherry.

Excursions around Pondy

Once settled in Pondy, you can make one-day trip to discover Gingy fort, dating back to Chola dynasty, or Mahaballipuram and its temples which is registered on the UNESCO's world heritage, or even Dakshina Chitra (between Chennai and Mahaballipuram) and its village of typical houses from South-India.

The French Alliance of Pondicherry

Located in Suffren Street, the French Alliance contains a newly renovated library and offers many cultural activities (conferences, cine-club, exhibitions, concert...)

If you want to know more about Pondicherry French Alliance.

All the buildings of the French institutions, like the Alliance, the French Institute, Far East School (l'Ecole d'Extrême-Orient), and the Lycée are all settled in beautiful buildings that you can visit.

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