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Mohanam Cultural Centre

Mohanam cultural centre in Pondicherry Logo of Mohanam Cultural Centre near Pondicherry and Auroville (South India)


Mohanam Cultural Centre offers classes for adults and children in “bharatanatyam” dance, folk dances like kummi, karagaatam,and kolaattam , carnatic singing, martial arts like silamban, theatre practice of therukoothu, and lessons in clay art, drawing, english & hatha yoga.

Diversity and legend of Tamil culture

Mohanam activities reflect the richness, diversity and legend of Tamil culture along with other contemporary cultures which is constantly evolving and offering new possibilities. It runs a crèche, supports women empowerment and contributes to community development of villages. Water harvesting has been one of its major projects.

Simple homely accommodations are available for guests who want to participate in all of village activities during festivals, training or vacations.

Mohanam Team

The team has 18 young persons speaking Tamil and English headed by Mr. Balu.

Mohanam Cultural Centre is supported by the villagers and Aurovilians and sometime also the tourism dept.

Aim / goal to achieve

The aim of Mohanam Cultural Centre is to provide the young and old generations alike of the villages with an opportunity for extracurricular activities, which help them to find identity and connection to their own original culture, which presently face tremendous change in the globalization process. It is a bridge between villages and the broader outside world.

Working days hours

Open daily from 9am to 6pm

Postal address

No.45, Throwpathi Amman Koil Street,
Sanjeevinagar, Puducherry 605 111
tel (0413) 2623806 / 9943644757
mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Interesting touristic places to visit in the vicinity

Auroville is the very nearest tourist place, there is Shivan temple (more than 300 years old) and in the village you can see lots of craft units.

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