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Alignment - Yoga Iyengar Way

Iyengar YogaAlignment Yoga centre Iyengar way conveys the teachings of Hatha toga through techniques tried and created by Guruji. The teacher Bidyadhar Kar is certified by B.K.S Iyengar and teaches along with his principles with the knowledge and know how that provides therapeutic help to different maladies.

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Sparsh - Yoga center

Sparsh is a holistic health care centre in Colas Nagar, close to PondicherrySparsh is a holistic health care centre in Pondicherry where one or several activities together offer a good health for one’s body and mind.


Yoga & Ayurvedanature Cure Center

Dr Ganesh practices Ayurvedic medecine, and teaches yoga in individual or group classes, and gives massages.

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Yoga & Kalaripayatt at SITA


SITA is a cultural centre dedicated to South Indian arts and traditions located in Pondicherry. Sita organizes many courses and workshop included Sivananda Yoga classes and Kalaripayatt classes. The teachers speak Tamil, English and French.

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