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Aurodhan Heritage Art Gallery

Logo of Aurodhan Gallery in PondicherryContemporary Art exhibitions, Aurodhan Gallery also organizes live performances, dance and concerts in their beautiful garden.

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Bharatidasan Memorial Museum

This museum displays photographs, manuscripts and letters written by the poet Bharatidasan.

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Made in Gallery

Contemporary Art gallery where you can sit for a drink at the lovely Café des Arts.

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Mahakavi Bharatiar Memorial Museum

This museum displays photographs, manuscripts, & letters written by the poet Bharatiar.

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Mementos Gallery

Contemporary art gallery. Good framing done here.

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Pondicherry Museum

A museum displaying  artifacts of Pondicherry.

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Sega Art Gallery

The small logo for Sega Art Gallery, PondicherrySega Art Gallery organises interesting exhibitions to promote various forms of art like painting, sculpture, handwork or products of NGOs or photography etc...

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Sri Smriti

Articles used by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are permanently displayed here.

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The Ashram Studio - Mother's paintings

The Mother's original paintings are permanently displayed here along with a rotational display of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram's private collection.

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Van Cleef Hall

Logo of the Van Cleef Hall, a non profit platform for artists and arts, located in Pondicherry (South India)Van Cleef Hall or VCH promotes art, culture and artists of Pondicherry and neighbouring villages by providing a strong platform in a non-profit manner.


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