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Ayuvedic Hair oil

Image illustrant la rubrique Ayruvéda et Beauté d'Actupondy.comAyuvedic Hair oil: This is an old recipe still followed in many homes. You may find many brands in stores but to me this is the best oil.


Snannam thool, ayurvedic powder

Image for Ayurveda & Beauty section: Snannam Thool, ayurvedic powderSnannam thool, ayurvedic powder. This is an old family recipe, still used in many families instead of soap. You should be careful as it dries the skin. Many people in India have an oil bath once or twice a week, the whole body is smeared with sesame oil and after one or two hours a hot water bath is taken. This snanam thool is used...


The ancestral benefits of Kajal (or Khôl)

Jai-kajal, known for its benefits and used by Indian women since a long time

The preparation and benefits of Kajal are written in the ancient Ayurvedic treaties dating back to more than 5000 years ago. It is used as a beauty treatment by Indian women since that time.


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