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Aubergines and mung dal

actupondy presents its traditional ayurvedic recipes to stay in good healthA homely winter recipe for India so typical for Spring in western countries, which make you discover about mung beans, the true soya seed!


Fresh juices, Swarasa

recipes in ayurveda for your health benefitsAmong the many homemade therapies with food, the most efficient, powerful and with a quick effect, is 'SWARASA'.

SWARASA means 'fresh juice of plant'. It means that they need to be consumed as soon as they are prepared, when their concentration of PRANA (energy of all life) is the highest. Can juices or bottled juices do not have such pranic energy.


Green mango Pachadi or salad

Ayurvedic cooking recipe by Lourdes: Green mango pachadi or saladNo Pondicherry curry served with hot rice is complete unless it is accompanied by at least a spoonful of patchady. It is not ourkaï.


How to make ghee?

actupondy presents its ayurvedic recipes about ghee Ghee is clarified butter, widely used across India, either for cooking, for religious offerings or cosmetic uses like massages. Its qualities and benefits have made their proofs from hundreds of year.


Lemon rice

cookery-logoLemon rice is often prepared in summer as it is cooling; it is often served for a picnic lunch with vadavam, coconut chutney and fried lamb...


Rava Kichadi

ayurvedic recipes from actupondy, traditional rava kicahdi to suit all doshasRava Kichadi is a traditional Ayurvedic dish with rice and grams or lentils. This is the ultimate simple yet nourishing Ayurvedic one pot dish!
Easy to digest and completely vegetarian and vegan, this recipe balances all the 3 doshas.


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