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Getting to Pondicherry

Pondicherry's airport is planned but not yet operational. It is thus common to arrive by plane to Chennai airport (previously known as Madras) and then by road to Pondicherry- approximately 140km South of Chennai.

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Moving around Pondicherry

Once settled in Pondicherry, your Actupondy map in your hands, you're wondering where to start, and how to get there? Unlike Mumbai with its 603,4 km2 surface area, Pondicherry is quite small, as the area of the town's core center, called Heritage Town, measures around 19km2, and as Pondicherry district taken as a whole measures 293 km2...
WALKING, to start smoothly ?

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Pondicherry airport

Commercial flight from Pondicherry to Bangalore and from Bangalore to Pondy with Spice JetPondicherry Airport is operational from 17th January 2013 with Spice Jet commencing its first ever flight operations from Bangalore to Pondicherry thrice a week (Thursdays/Saturdays/Sundays).


Which train from Pondy?

Which train to take from Pondicherry to get to ... ?

Feeling like hiking in Munnar and discover tea plantations, or going to Kerala to see elephants, or even for the most courageous ones, visit the Ref Fort in New Delhi or the Victoria station in Mumbai?

Here are pieces of information about trains you can take to get to the most important Indian cities, from Pondy!


Which train to get to Pondy?

Which train should I take from my town to get to Pondicherry?

All trains lead to Pondy... Well, almost all!
Here is some information about the different trains you can take to go to Pondy, depending on the train station you leave from:


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