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Amber, cofee shop at Ocean Spray (Bonjour Bonheur) near Pondicherry Amber is the Coffee Shop at Ocean Spray resort, 15km North of Pondicherry. Buffet service everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner with international cuisine, as well as "à la carte" service.

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Baker Street Culinarium

Baker Street PondicherryThe French concept-store in Pondicherry now opens for dinner, on reservation only. Every month, a complete and creative menu is suggested.

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Bistro the restaurant of the hotel Richmond

Bistro is a multi cuisine restaurant with bar serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on the premises of The Richmond hotel. It is located in the French quaters of Pondicherry. The ambience is quiet and is therefore a perfect place to relish its indian and french cuisine along with wine and liquor.

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Bistro Sharana

sharana, NGO PondicherryA peaceful terrace where you can have breakfast, tea, snacks and lunch. A special buffet is organised every Wednesday and Saturday.(advanced booking is required). All profits of the Bistro are used to support the development programmes of Sharana.

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Blue Line

La Promenade PondicherryThe Blue Line, on ground floor of La Promenade Hotel, is a big hall with a buffet every night + week ends during high season.

Sandwiches and drinks served 24 hours a day.

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Bon Bakes

Bon Bakes, restaurant,bakery PondicherryIn Pondicherry, at the threshhold of the French section, Bon Bakes is the 1st restaurant to acquire an edible photo cake....

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Cafe des Arts

Logo of Cafe des arts, cafetaria and restaurant in Pondicherry, South IndiaCafe des Arts offers dishes of France in the French quarters of Pondicherry.


Cafe Xtasi

Cafe Xtasi PondicherryThis new pizzeria offers 20 different pastas 60 different pizzas (up to 65cm!) and salads…most of which are based on their own recipes. Home delivery is also undertaken.

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Carte Blanche

Carte Blance PondicherryRestaurant in the Hôtel de l'Orient, French, Creole and Indian cuisines.


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China Town

Chinatown, restaurant situated at the heart of the townA unit of Oriental Cuisines Pvt. Ltd. exclusive in Chinese cuisines is located in the heart of the town. The soft continuous chinese music and the chinese interior decoration certainly blend well with its food, beer and wine.

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