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Oscar-nominee and Peaceful Pondicherry

Life of Pi, by Filming in Pondicherry and in India in January 2011Now the world's focus is on Pondicherry!

Peaceful Pondicherry has wooed Ang Lee, Hollywood filmmaker to shoot his adventure-drama Life of Pi in Indian cities of Pondicherry.



paradesi-movie-poster from india everydayThe thread of the story is simple yet hard and merciless. Far from the usual Kollywood clichés, Paradesi draws its inspiration from real facts described in the book 'Red Tea' written by Paul Harris Daniel in 1969. The book relates about the author's encounters with turned-slaves workers in Madras state tea plantations during the British Colonies. As you have probably understood, this is a drama not a comedy, so not for the faint-hearted.


Tamil cinema

r-nataraja-mudaliyarTamil cinema odyssey starts in 1916, only 3 years after the first shots of Hindi movies. At that time of course, there were only silent movies like all over the world, yet the Tamil production begins with Nataraja Mudalyar, recently back from London. He is the first Tamil director and producer with his movie 'Kichavathanam'.


Eco Film Club - Planet Earth : Caves

Planet Earth: Caves - documentary - BBc - 2006The Eco Film Club presents: Planet Earth : Caves

at Sadhana Forest, Friday November 9th, 2012 at 7.00 pm


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