TantiDhatri Women's Festival in Pondicherry

A Musical Journey Through Eastern Europe

voix_polyphoniques_group Brigitte Cirla, Marianne Suner and Tania Zolty, brought Eastern Europe to Pondicherry through their haunting, polyphonic melodies.


A Slice of Bengal

Picture of Rwita Dutta ChakrabortyIf Pondicherry has a French connection it has a strong Bengali connection as well. Aurobindo Ghosh, philosopher, poet and visionary with his arrival in Pondicherry during the British Raj established an unbreakable link between the lush, green province of Bengal and the small, coastal town deep in the heart of South India. And since then Pondicherry has witnessed the arrival of Bengalis, many of whom have settled down here for good and many who are regular visitors.


French Ballads on Indian Soil

Photo of Nathalie_Mentha

The French connection of Pondicherry is only getting stronger with the Tantidhatri Festival,  otherwise how would you account for Nathalie Mentha's touching, whimsical, flamboyant...


Parvathy Baul

parvathy_baul_in_saffron_robesParvathy Baul born in 1976 in West Bengal is the director of the Tantidhatri festival held in Pondicherry from the 11th to the 15th of March. In her words, “Tanti in old Pali language is usually imagined as a thread going beyond time and Dhatrithe woman who holds it.


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