The Gitanjali Literary Prize

Announcement of Winners - Gitanjali Prize 2012

French Authors

Lyonel Trouillot - French winner

Lyonel Trouillot, french winner of the The Gitanjali Literary Prize in PondicherryLyonel Trouillot is a Haitian writer. Une Belle Amoure Humaine speaks of Haiti with great style, and the theme deeply human. The novel portrays very well the theme of the Prize. This novel had been nominated in the Goncourt Prize, and a bright writer's career awaits him.


Khaled Ousman - French nominee

Khaled Osman, French Nominee of The Gitanjali Literary Prize in PondicherryKhaled Ousman (French nominee) is an Egyptian translator. Le Caire à corps perdu is his first novel, with flamboyant personnalities. A plot paints the situation in Egypt, and how its people are trying to acquire freedom.



Cecile Ouhmani (French nominee)

cecile-ouhmani-gitanjali-literary-prizeCecile Ouhmani's book L'atelier des Strésor is inspired by facts about the painter Henry Strésor, and is written with a refined style. The book portrays how the religious war between the Catholics and the Protestants is actually a poison for humanity.



Indian Author

Poomani - Indian winner

The Gitanjali Literary Prize - 1We are in presence of a monumental work of 1053 pages the kind of which is hard to be seen nowadays. Poomani had the courage to undertake such a work and to complete it successfully.

Agnadi is the word used to designate the mother in the locality where the action takes place; it is also used to designate any person deserving to be pitied. The author uses that word as the title of his novel to represent the whole community which lives in the locality and whose mental wealth and earthly miseries he wants to display.

T.K. REMA - Indian Nominee

The Gitanjali Literary Prize - 1V POSITIVE by T.K. REMA (Indian Nominee) ( Edited and Transcribed by T. AJEESH, Senior Sub-Editor of MalayalaManorama, Kannur Unit ) This Malayalam book is the testimony of T. K. Rema, affected by AIDS, and describes all the sufferings of this lady from Kannur, in Kerala.

Not only does she lose her husband to the dreadful disease, but she and her two children also turn out be HIV-Positive. When her two children are ousted from the school, Rema decides to resist and slowly finds sympathisers who support her cause to get the children reintegrated into the school.

ManishaKulshreshta - Indian nominee

SHIGAF by ManishaKulshreshta - Indian nominee

The Gitanjali Literary Prize - 1This novel in Hindi is written by ManishaKulshreshta, an upcoming young Hindi writer who was awarded in 1989 the Chandradev Sharma Award by the Rajasthan SahityaAkademi.

This work not only analyses the widening rift dividing the Hindus and the Muslims in Kashmir now, but also the gap which creeps in the relationship between man and woman. It has the merit of depicting the throes of uprooting from one’s homeland and the inability of settling anywhere.

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