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shanti-travel-shanti-travel-store-pondicherry-1-smPick up fancy travel accessory while planning your vacation at Shanti Store in Rue Romain Rolland.

Shanti store officially opened in September, 2011. At first it was a travel agency which catered to needs of people looking to travel through the South of India. Later Shanti Travel started this small store which sells variety products all related to Travel and the South of India. I met up with Denis, the owner of Shanti Travels who explained to me that “the entire idea is also to promote South India through the products and also to make people take back a souvenir that is particularly connected with travel”.

In Store

shanti-travel-shanti-travel-store-pondicherry-3-smShanti Store specializes in Travel and tourist bags. They have a tie up with two organisations who supply them with these bags. Denis tells me “we are privileged to have a partnership with companies like this”. The two companies are Purple Jungle and Artyzan. Purple Jungle uses tetra packs, recycled materials and old billboards to make their products and Artyzan is an NGO which was started after the tsunami in 2004 as a vocational school by the Dunes. “Artyzan and Purple Jungle are to special companies, they have their uniqueness and Indian-ness with their design and at the very same time they are both helping the society and helping the people in fishermen area”. Medium pouches and Travel bags are a favourite to the customer here. Denis, with these products are targeting the foreigners (French) who can take back India to their home.

Eco-Friendly Products

shanti-travel-store-pondicherry-5-smOther than bags, Shanti Store also sells books, travelogues, maps and novels on travel and mainly related to India. Various authors from all over the world as well as India have their books on the shelves. Shanti store also has a tie up with Elephant Valley in Kodaikanal, where apart from sending tourists for packaged tour, they also receive various spices (masala) from their eco farm.

Shanti store can truly make one feel one with India with the products that they offer. Bags are mainly favourites here, but don’t miss out on the eco products that they have to offer.

Small bags priced between Rs.300 – Rs. 500 and big travel bags start from Rs. 1000 and goes up to Rs. 2000. Details : 0413-4210401 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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