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An emotive meeting with Sandra Djina Ravalia: "Art is my essential..."

Sandra Djina Ravalia @ActuPondyNice meeting with an artist born in Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean and living in Quebec now. For the first time, Sandra Djina Ravalia is travelling in India, her motherland.


Kadir Vel, guardian of Carnatic music

Kadir playing Khanjira, a single-head instrument made of lizard skin, played with one hand only

Kadir Vel is like a guardian of Carnatic Music, very passionate and all dedicated to this millenary Tamil art based on drumming, which, undeniably, requires a sharp sense of rhythm.


Yannick Cormier

Interview of Yannick Cormier

yannick-by-Varun-Gupta, Yanncik is a French photographer living in India. His work includes black and white pictures dealing with tribes and communities of IndiaDiscovered by chance during an event in Pondicherry at the end of 2013, Yannick Cormier photographic work simply stroked and fascinated us. Black and white shots for full colour themes underline the complexity and the cultural wealth of all the millions of people living in that country called India.

Worked in studio to enjoy free photography

F: First of all, could you introduce yourself?

Y: Hi, my name is Yannick Cormier. For as long as I can remember, I was always fascinated by visual arts. I aspire to be a photographer as well as a creator and so my work is really close from the documentary.


Vaasuderan, drawer from Pondicherry

Interview with Vaasuderan, drawer from PondicherryInterview with Vaasuderan, drawer from Pondicherry, emerging artist, currently exhibiting in Sita cultural center until 29th November 2013.


M. Fabrice Mongiat - Career and Success of Bonjour India Festival

Interview of the Director of Alliance FrançaiseInterview of Mr. Fabrice Mongiat – Career, and feedbacks about the success of the festival Bonjour India.


Interview with Akash Kapoor

Portrait of Akash Kapoor Indian writer, author of India Becoming - a portrait of life in modern IndiaIndia Becoming - a portrait of life in modern India authored by Akash Kapoor is the brand new addition to the list of writings on India and one of Newsweek's three must-reads of modern India. Through the characters in this book, he reveals the conflicts in various aspects and walks of life in the present India such as rural & urban, self gratification & social or community obligations etc..


New Banana Cafe Restaurant - Interview

Portrait de Senthil, le propriétaire du restaurant le New Banana Cafe, à PondicherryInterview with Senthil, owner of New Banana Cafe restaurant in Pondicherry.


Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani

Photography of yogacharini Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani - Yoga international festival in Pondicherry 2013Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani is Director of a world wide organization of 130 affiliated Yoga Centres and Ashrams which are teaching the Rishi Culture Ashtanga Yoga System propagated by Yoga Maharishi Dr, Swami Gitananda Giri, one of the greatest teachers of Classical Ashtanga Yoga in the 20th Century.


Koumarane Valavane

Portrait of Koumarane Valavane, actor and creator of the Kameleon theatre festivalKameleon Theatre festival is taking place for its second edition in Pondicherry: we met the curator Koumarane Valavane to know more about the event. An ambitious and eclectic program will be offered in Pondy, on the beach, at the old distillery, at the French Alliance...


The Art of Olaf Van Cleef

Image of Olaf Van Cleef creator of the Van Cleef HallCounsellor on high jewellery at Cartier by day, artist by night; Olaf van Cleef gives the impression of never slowing down. His surprising art allows him to unite two loves of his life: jewelry and India. Everything is made possible: Ganesha with a chocolate paper - based diadem, Lakshmi in pastel pink... For the brief time of an interview, Mr. van Cleef let me discover his colourful universe.


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