Pondichéries: portraits of women in Pondicherry

A section dedicated to women from Pondichy

This section is dedicated to women. Women from Pondicherry, women living and working in Pondicherry, we meet them and would like to share with you their words, their faces, their actions.





Agnes and her love story with India

Agnes Deal @ActuPondyShe is the one who gave a virtual life to all these women from Pondicherry, these "Pondicheries" she has met one day; she has made her portrait and highlighted their life with admiration and fascination. Here is a celebration of these women who, living in the shadows, are generously giving light and warmth to human beings, by their so beautiful eyes full of love.


Kalki Subramaniam

Kalki Subramaniam, gender rights activist, actress, poet, social Entrepreneur, is the founder of Sahodari FoundationKalki Subramaniam is a Gender Rights Activist, an Actress, a Poet and a Social Entrepreneur. She runs an organization in Kottakarai, Auroville called Sahodari Foundation that works for Transgender Welfare.


Lakshmi, the smile at any price

Lakshmi, the smile at any price @ActuPondyFor the third birthday of SITA, let's meet Lakshmi, the receptionist of this artistic and cultural center. Great interview of her, and what a smile! Come, discover, and practice arts! 


Madeleine de Blic - Volontariat

Portrtait of Madeleine De BlicToday, we are meeting Madeleine de Blic, who has a long involvement and dedication to poverty elimination activities in India. A woman with an incredible amount of humility and kindness, she arrived in india in 1962 from Belgium.


Malar, a family matter in Pondy

Portrait of Malar, PondicherryYou can meet her every day, smiling, on Annanda Rangapillai Street (facing the Post Office), in front of her enormous coconut stock. With an extreme kindness, she accepts to meet us to speak about her life.


Prasanna, painter in Pondicherry

Portrait de Prasanna, dans le guide de PondichéryPrasanna is a painter, 38 years old and radiant with joy. Since the beginning of 2009,She has been running her gallery-studio at 61 Vysial Street in Pondicherry. Born at Kottayam in Kerala, in a religious but non orthodox family, open-minded and interested in art and literature from an early age.


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