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Casablanca PondicherryDepartment store on 3 floors with a cafe and a pizzeria on first floor.
Casablanca has clothes, shoes for men, women and children, toys, house decoration, jewellery, sport items..

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Grinde store PondicherryThe best way to describe the store would be ‘a modern friendly neighbourhood store’. Created in 1982, Grinde was the first self-service department store.
It is primarily a food store, with groceries, dairy products, Auroville products, ayurvedic cosmetics and well being products, house maintenance and cleaning products,  pet foods...

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Sri Vijaya Ganapathy

Vijaya Ganapathi PondicherrySupermarket on 2 floors : food, cleaning products (VG is also a quality brand), great variety of toys and games, beauty products, crockery... Promotions all year long and free delivery above 1500rs.

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