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19th International Yoga Festival in Pondicherry (January, 2013)

Government of Puducherry is organizing the 19th International Festival of Pondicherry

Yoga or the union with God brings inner peace, inner happiness and well being of a person. India being the home of many schools of yoga, a majority of population irrespective of age and gender practices it. These schools also attract the foreigners to India.




Pondicherry - The seat of Integral Yoga

Sri Aurobindo, a revolutionary-turned-yogi, came to Pondicherry in 1910. Then a few visited him on a regular basis for spiritual guidance. This group consisted of the Tamilians, the Francophone, the French and other revolutionary figures across India. After the Mother took the charge of the Ashram in 1926, inner peace seekers from across the world arrive here in droves. To this day, many settle down. The School of Integral Yoga - which Sri Aurobindo taught - finds favour across widely different races, nationalities, tongues and profession. Integral yoga takes up the essence and many process of the other yogas of all different schools of thoughts and philosophy.

Pondicherry - Give time a break

Pondicherry - Give time a breal! International Yoga Festival of PondyThe quaint town of Pondicherry lend itself well to yoga and the attainment of inner peace. Come, visit Puducherry a.k.a. Pondy as always fondly called during the International Yoga Festival and discover a new YOU in you.

An amazing New Year's gift package from Puducherry Tourism that includes peace, light, love, strength and bliss - the 19th International Yoga Festival at Puducherry organized in association with ICYER.

Discover an amazing way to start the year...
Discover the difference between living and right living...
Discover methods of purifying your body and mind...
Discover a new well-being within...
Discover a new way to work, live and play...

...all ONLY at the International Yoga Festival, Puducherry from 04th through 07th January 2013.

The International Yoga Festival in Pondicherry

Yoga is an art, science and philosophy. The International Festival of Pondicherry is a celebration of Yoga where you will pick up simple living and high thinking through :

Proper Exercise : At the festival you will learn all about ASANAS - gentle stretching acts that lubricate the joints, tones the nervous system, improves circulation, relaxes tension and increases flexibility.

Proper Breathing : Tap into deep breathing techniques which help to cleanse and nourish the physical body. Besides, vital energy is released for physical and mental rejuvenation.

Proper Relaxation : When the body and mind are continually overworked and stressed, their natural efficiency diminishes. Here you will find out how yogic methods retrain the mind and muscles to relax completely.

Proper Diet : You will sample the enticingly fresh yogic diet to find yourself attaining a high standard of health, a keen intellect and serenity of mind.

Proper Thinking : Regular meditation helps you achieve and balanced mind can stay in control. You will learn many methods which help your thinking become more focussed and improves your ability to concentrate.


Shri Rajavelu, Minister of Tourism of Puducherry


Shri Rajavelu, Minister of Tourism of Puducherry

19th International Yoga Festival 2013 Interview with Hon’ble Shri Rajavelu, Minsiter of Tourism, Government of Puducherry

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Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani


Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani

Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani is Director of a world wide organization of 130 affiliated Yoga Centres and Ashrams which are teaching the Rishi Culture Ashtanga Yoga System propagated by Yoga Maharishi...

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